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The FireSense Rally/Offroad Pack comes supplied with a FireSense 4.0 litre Steel Mechanical Lever Valve Fire Extinguisher System and a 2.4 litre Handheld Fire Extinguisher, giving you the ultimate protection when you're deep in a stage and far from immediate help.

At a discounted price compared with buying both these kits separately!

FireSense FIA 2018 approved AFFF-AR (water-based foam - Alcohol Resistant) system with mechanical activation. 

*This mechanically operated fire extinguisher features the latest technology from SPA Technique. Filled with 4 litres of AFFF-AR fire extinguishant and designed for use in saloon cars, this extinguisher produces improved fire knockdown and fire out times. This extinguisher features a strong steel bottle and all necessary fittings.

Kit includes:

4 Litre Steel Bottle
Mounting Bracket & Straps
Pull Cables
Instruction Manual

Dimensions: Length (Inc Head) - 433mm, Diameter 150mm
Cylinder Weight: 6.60kg
Installation Kit Weight: 1.30kg

FIA Technical list 16 approved - FIA Homologation Number EX.046.17 

*This Firesense hand held extinguisher is filled with 2.4 litres of AR-AFFF extinguishant and meets MA/CAMS requirements for stage rallying. 

Supplied with mounting bracket and quick release straps for easy mounting to the car

Quick release straps to release easily should the extinguisher be needed

AR-AFFF is a water based foam extinguishant with excellent coverage. It has excellent fire knock down properties and leaves a film which helps prevent re-ignition of the fire.

Dimensions: Length (Inc Head) 455mm, Diameter 131mm
Cylinder Weight: 3.40kg
Installation Kit Weight: 0.20kg

FireSense Rally/Offroad Mechanical Extinguisher Pack

Excluding GST
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