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The Petscibe Machine fits easily on counters and desktops allowing you to create affordable, custom engraved pet I.D. tags in less than a minute. Tags come in a variety of high quality colours, designs and shapes to choose from.

Easy-To-Use Steps: Insert selected tag into machine, type in the desired details and hit the engrave key. Its that Simple!

Profit Opportunity: The state of the art, patented PetScribe engraving system can generate annual PROFITS of more than $8,000 on average.

                                                    Click below to see the machine in action
See our complete line of Tag Styles
  • Personal, Versatile and Profitable

  • PetScribe can accommodate large and small tags.

  • Larger tags can accommodate up to six lines of engraving.

  • Tags can be engraved on both sides.

  • Letter compression provides for larger engraving if fewer lines of information are needed.

  • Provides a new profit center for your store.


Benefits you can identify with
  • Profitable: realize a high profit from a small space

  • Builds Traffic: unique destination product attracts new customers

  • Minimal Labor: PetScribe provides regular maintenance service

  • Customer Service: trained representatives are just a phone call away

  • Instant Gratification: customer receives tag(s) instantly

  • Convenient: located where your customers like to shop

  • Pet Care: promotes responsible pet ownership

  • Many Uses: Personal identification tags for various uses


Immediate Tags For Your Clients Pets

With the growing need for secure property identification, and the ever-increasing population of pets across the nation, the personal and pet I.D. tag category is exhibiting tremendous growth, especially with the ease of use that PetScribe provides. Explosive growth can be attributed to:

  • 4 million dogs and 2.6 million cats in Australia (based on year 2000 stats)

  •  22% dog owners and 8% of cat owners purchase tags annually.

  •  An I.D. tag is the third most purchased "dog care" item.

  •  1 in 3 dogs will get lost during their lifetime and will need identification.


Current market estimates:

1 million pet tags, or over $18 million in annual sales


Current mail order methods of purchasing I.D. tags are labor intensive, time consuming and subject to shipping charges and spelling errors.


Machine Dimensions
  • Height: 13"

  • Depth: 13"

  • Width: 12"

  • Weight: 10Kg.

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