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SpeedyTag supplies the Petscribe Machine at no charge.  

You just purchase 300 tags per year, in accordance with our supply agreement.

We suggest you start with our starter set of 30 of our most popular styles.

RRP generally starts at $14.95, so the margins are fantastic. Selling only 2 tags per day will recoup your initial outlay in around 3 months.

Please carefully download & read our SpeedyTag Engraver Agreement.  Once you're ready, complete and return the agreement to us.


To get started

  1. Download and read the PDF agreement

  2. Complete and return the agreement

  3. We'll send you an invoice


Please note we only supply to the Australian market.

Once approved, & If you agree to order and pay for a minimum of 300 Petscribe™ tags at the time of the order, we’ll provide the engraving system absolutely free of any cost to you.


We provide unlimited free maintenance for normal wear-and-tear, along with technical support at no additional cost for as long as you use our engraver. We also provide the diamond-tipped stylus free, as long as you purchase the aforementioned 300 tags per year for your pet tag engraving machine.

Included in the placement program:

  • PetScribe™ engraver with power cords and compact keyboard

  • State-of-the-art engraving software

  • Diamond-tipped engraving stylus

  • Tag fixture designed to hold our standard tag styles

  • Easy to use instruction manual with tag templates

  • Professional and effective point-of-purchase materials 

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